Co-Founder, Principal, Trustee
Amil Yacoob
Co-Founder & Trustee
Lauren Campbell, M.D.
Amil Yacoob and Lauren Campbell are both passionate about providing safe, clean, and affordable drinking water to children in need.  They have been motivated to create this foundation due to the increase in water borne illnesses and lack of sanitation caused by water shortages currently present in other countries.  Amil and Dr. Campbell believe that without significant effort, the United States will also face water shortages and experience increasing amounts of poor health issues because of the lack of clean water.  Amil and Dr. Campbell will personally work to increase awareness and help to solve the shortage of clean water in the United States and abroad.  They have assembled the following team of Foundation trustees below:
Trustee and Secretary
Angela Campbell
Mrs. Campbell has over 40 years of administrative, planning, and project management experience.  Mrs. Campbell is also very experienced in planning large charity events.  Mrs. Campbell will, through operationally sound business management advice, help the Foundation maintain focused efforts to complete its mission.

Mohammed Yacoob

Mohammed Yacoob has personal knowledge and experience in British Guyana, a country afflicted with clean drinking water shortages.  Mr. Yacoob, as a law enforcement officer, trained and fostered self-help groups who promoted sanitation, proper hygiene, and disaster preparedness in order to prevent disease outbreaks.  During crises, Mr. Yacoob’s team distributed hygiene kits, and built latrines and hand washing stations.  Mr. Yacoob also constructed water filters using basic materials, and taught healthy practices to native people.
Tracy Campbell, M.D.
Dr. Campbell is experienced with charity and foundation work as she manages her own charitable organization.  Dr. Campbell also has extensive experience in mission work, having completed relief and research missions to the Middle East.

Jeffrey Campbell
Mr. Campbell has a bachelor degree in marketing and has extensive experience with business promotion, management, and advertising.  His expertise in business lends itself to understanding technologies and bringing to bear the resources necessary to assist our cause, and integrate them within the foundation to achieve its goals and ultimately its mission.